Apple Brandy Vintage (2015)


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Made entirely from Heritage cider apples including: Bedan, Binet Rouge, Bisquet, Frequin Rouge Petit, Mettais, Moulin a Vent, Petit Jaune, and Rambault.

This Brandy is exceptionally smooth, mellow, floral with an intense ‘Tarte Tatin’ nose. Serve at 20-22°C (please allow it to breathe) as an Aperitif, on its own, over ice or with a drop or two of water. This makes a very good base for cocktails.

With Food: Serve ice cold with marinated or smoked fish with a dark chocolate dessert, an apple cake, a ball of vanilla ice cream, flambé, and for sorbets and granités.

Contains no industrial or neutral grain alcohol.