Apple tree grafting course


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Apple tree grafting course. £45 per person. Learn to propagate apple trees. Take home 2 trees that you have grafted yourself.

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There will be 2, informal grafting courses on Saturday 20th February 2021, 09:00 – 13:00 and Saturday 27th February 2021, 09:00 – 13:00.

You will learn to graft apple trees. No experience is needed. You will take home 2 trees that you have grafted yourself.

Courses are limited to 10 people and cost £45 per person.

We provide MM106 root stocks, grafting tape and scions from our orchard of some 80 named Breton, Cornish, English and Norman apple varieties. If you wish to propagate your own favourite apple variety please bring 2 labelled scions, 30cm long, healthy, pencil-thick, fruit bud-free, one year old wood. Collect your scions the day before the course. Leave tips on. Store them in a plastic bag.

You will need to bring: a grafting knife: straight, non-serrated, honed on one side only (Felco #39020 about £15 or Tina #600, 605, 608, 640 from about £50); secateurs; Wellingtons; warm, waterproof clothing and a memory stick for a copy of course materials.

09:00 Arrival, tea, coffee.

09:30 Introduction: The aims of the course: Why grafting? Root stock production and choice; Collection and storage of root stocks; knife sharpening and safety; planting and care of trees; changing varieties; tree repair.

10:00 Apple tree propagation, root stocks and tree management.

10:30 Grafting knives, sharpening, safety, care and use.

10:55 Demonstration of grafting and budding followed by grafting your own trees to take with you.

12:15 Orchard tour to discuss tree planting, swards and biodiversity.

13:00 Depart

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