Cider Vinegar, Orléans Method


Cider Vinegar Orléans Method 5.5% Acetic Acid 0.5l, FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER £100 Suitable for coeliacs, vegetarians & vegans. Sulphite free.

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We grow some 80 varieties of apple to make our ciders. The breadth and complexity of flavours of apples in ciders is equally as important in making cider vinegars. Bitter and bittersweet varieties are the most important contributors to flavour.

Use cider vinegar in salsas, marinades, gravies, dressings, soups, braising stocks, chilaquiles, baked beans, pickled vegetables, scrambled eggs and with cheese on toast.

Suitable for coeliacs, vegetarians & vegans. Sulphite free.

Our cider vinegars are made using the Orléans Method.  Cider is added gently to an established ‘Mother of Vinegar’ culture and left covered, undisturbed and open to air. While industrial vinegars using the Frings Acetator may be made in 24 hours the Orléans Method is slow, very slow. After many months part of our finished vinegar is drawn off and more cider added to the Mother. The average age of vinegars increases during cycles. The Orléans Method makes the highest quality vinegar with a reliable style.

Our cider vinegars are unfiltered, unpasteurized, contain live Mother of Vinegar and may be cloudy or form sediment. This is entirely natural.