Roseland Ice Cider (2017)


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Ice Cider (2017) 9.7 % ABV 50cl FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER £100

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Ice Cider (2017) 9.7 % ABV 50cl

Ice Cider is a dessert, apple wine made from the 2017 harvest of Heritage cider apples (Harry Master’s Jersey, Michelin and Yarlington Mill) from Calendra Farm, Veryan Green on the Roseland.. It is made from part-fermented cider which is frozen and ice formed discarded. The process enriches residual sugars, tannins, esters and alcohol content.

Roseland Ice Cider (2017) has a deep rosewood colour with aromas of vine fruits and Yarlington Mill Apples. Store on its side, in the dark, ideally at 12°C. Once opened keep cool and drink within a week. Serve chilled at 8°C – 12°C on its own, in cocktails, with cheese and biscuits, puddings, nuts chocolate or fruit.

Roseland Ice Cider (2017) can be used as a base in cooking desserts or to make sauces for poultry, fish or scallops.

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